Center for Assesment of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


The mission of CA-STEM is to improve the methodologies used by evaluators in the assessment of educational interventions in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. CA-STEM's role is to bring together experts in quantitative research, qualitative research, and STEM content with the purpose of improving the evaluation of educational research projects. CA-STEM will also provide a training ground for undergraduate students, graduate students and researchers who are interested in assessment and evaluation.


The primary goals of CA-STEM are:

  • To conduct research in the assessment of the STEM disciplines at all levels, kindergarten through graduate education.
  • To provide evaluation experts for educational research projects (kindergarten through graduate education) conducted both in CSM and across the nation.
  • To train undergraduate and graduate students in both qualitative and quantitative research techniques for the evaluation of educational research projects in the STEM disciplines.


To learn more, please view this power point presentation , or view our videos on YouTube.


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