Welcome to the Trefny Institute for Educational Innovation

The John U. and Sharon L. Trefny Institute for Educational Innovation strives to strengthen both on-campus endeavors to enhance Colorado School of Mines’ distinction in undergraduate and graduate education and CSM’s off-campus leadership role in educational research, curriculum development and assessment. The following centers are the key elements of the Trefny Institute:

Dr. Barbara Moskal directs the Trefny Institute and CA-STEM, Dr. Ron Miller directs the Center for Engineering Education, and Dr. Roel Snieder and Dr. Thomas Boyd co-direct CPE.

The Trefny Institute supports development of evidence-based curriculum and provides faculty development opportunities. By integrating its programs, the Trefny Institute seeks to form a cycle in which:

  • Educational research is conducted.
  • Theory is developed and tested.
  • Tools, materials, and methods are designed and then implemented in classrooms.
  • Interventions are studied and evaluated.
  • New insights and research questions are generated.

This cycle helps to ensure that curriculum at Mines is based on good practice and solid educational research.

For more information, please view Trefny Director, Dr. Barbara Moskal's Vision Statement for the Trefny Institute.


Connect with Trefny on Facebook:

Connect with Trefny on Facebook

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